Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Loss of privacy

God knows that the concept of wanting to be a champion athlete in any sporting endeavour is foreign to me:  the idea of losing a huge amount of each day to exercise, winning a medal or five and then not knowing what to do with your life after you've peaked at (say) 21 sounds horrible.

But it does seem to be what quite a few swimming champions, in particular, go through. 

And so it is that I feel sorry for Ian Thorpe.   And his point about loss of privacy in his teenage years again seems oddly relevant to the Safe Schools program discussion:
The Olympic champion Ian Thorpe has said he would have come out earlier if he’d had more time to become comfortable with his sexuality.....

Thorpe said he was first asked about his sexuality when he was just 15.

“If I had a little bit more time when I was younger I would have come out, because I would have been comfortable with that,” Thorpe said. “And that’s why I think, we’re all making the same point, around why we don’t push people to come out.
Again, I should say that I think much of the concern about the program is being overblown by conservatives (the latest politician to attach himself to outrage about it - Tony Abbott!  Could this man possibly "do a Rudd" any more thoroughly than he clearly is?)

But on the other hand - it sure seems to me that the program might have the consequence of making some teenagers feel under pressure amongst their peers in a similar way that Thorpe did not appreciate.

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