Monday, March 21, 2016


Good Lord.  I think the world's foremost free market economist from RMIT (the one who knows that 95% of other economists don't understand the subject) may be on the verge of needing a compulsory rest in a peaceful white room somewhere.  Here's his reaction on viewing Disney's current hit animated animal film Zootopia:
It is impossible to describe how depraved this film is. In every way worse than I could have imagined. It makes you understand how Europe and America have ended up with civilian invasions for which there are almost no psychological defences across the culture. Here is the final line of the film which is its ultimate message, superseding even the often-repeated mantra that “anyone can be anything”. These words are the actual point:
“Trust – and make the world a better place.”
We are a generation of naive and guileless fools, and if you are looking for the evidence, the 99% critics approval with the audiences at 95% tells you a great deal about what you need to know.
Not recommended, although the 108 minutes passes easily enough if you are curious about understanding how intellectually defenceless and inanely stupid our culture has become.
Mind you, I haven't seen the movie yet.  Somehow, though, I can't see it provoking anything like the same reaction.


Jason Soon said...

what does Kates want? does he want to see the fox character eat the bunny character?

Steve said...

It's also funny how he was absolutely thrilled by (rather unfocused and only mildly diverting) Hail Caesar, presumably because it had some fun at the expense of fictional Hollywood communist screenwriters. A more dedicatedly ideological viewer of cinema would be hard to find.