Friday, March 11, 2016

The confusion continues

Feminists should speak up about Credlin, and the creeps should close their mouths

Seems to me that Jacqueline Maley writes a column that makes sense until half way through, then goes off the rails.

She claims:
Call it a failure of the imagination, but it still seems we can only understand a woman's power over a man in terms of sex.
Oh, bulldust.   I'm sure Margaret Thatcher had a powerful sway over her (mostly male?) cabinet during most of her Prime Ministership, and no one thought she was sleeping with them.  

And this:
The former prime minister, so beholden to his Amazonian chief of staff,
the Wallis Simpson over whom he lost his reason, is somehow exculpated
from the enormously bad decision-making which characterised his tenure.
Double bulldust!  I reckon this is just feminist reading between the lines to work up something to be offended about.  It seems to me that in everything she says, Savva argues that it was Abbott's fault for not remedying the poisonous situation that everyone (from John Howard down) was bringing to his attention. 

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