Thursday, April 14, 2016

An observation

It's been quite a while (4 or 5 years?) since there's been any news of interesting research results in parapsychology studies done by proper researchers.  It would seem the field has diminished in effort over the last decade or so, and regrettably, it probably suffers reputational damage from the crappy and unwatchable "ghost investigators" shows made for American cable TV.

But someone, somewhere, is still doing useful work on it, I trust? 


John said...

It is a career killer Steve. I've previously mentioned I read an interesting meta-analysis on the issue. People say it is "unscientific" but that is just dogma. While not frequent I am noticing a more open attitude to the issue. Intuitively I'm inclined to believe there is more to psi than fairy tales.

Steve said...

Thanks for the links, John.

Yeah, I used to like reading Dean Radin from Noetic, but he has stopped posting at his blog...