Friday, April 01, 2016

Uh-oh, it's not just Hansen

Sea-level projections may be vastly underestimated, say scientists -

Long story short:  modelling work on Antarctic ice (and comparisons to previous periods of similar global warmth as we soon expect) indicate that sea level rise over the next century could be closer to the 2 metre mark, rather than the 2 foot mark as was previously favoured.

This should get attention.

And by the way, why do climate change denialists think that history won't repeat?  In the big picture, as I understand it, the question is more "how quickly will we get disastrous-for-our-cities, multi meter sea level rises - one century, or two or three?"  not "will we get disastrous sea level rise".

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Malcolm Trump said...

So they changed the modelling. Given that you have two different results from "modelling" maybe the "modelling" is "made up shit".