Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Will it last?

As more states legalize marijuana, adolescents' problems with pot decline: Fewer adolescents also report using marijuana -- ScienceDaily

Interesting to read that marijuana use amongst teens in America overall seems to have declined a bit from 2002 to 2013.  Is there a reason it has become not so cool to try or use it?

In any event, with the high profile change in State law in Colorado taking effect only in late 2013, and with other States following, it will be interesting to see if this holds up.

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John said...

A decline in the past-year prevalence of marijuana use disorders was observed (odds ratio = 0.976 per year; 95% CI = 0.968, 0.984; p < .001).

Past-year prevalence of marijuana use disorders among US adolescents declined by an estimated 24% over the 2002 to 2013 period.

Steve, I can't make sense of those two claims, though the per year decline may explain it I'm inclined to think there is something wrong with this study.

Keep in mind that there is a puzzling up and down trend with illicit drug usage so there is no reason to think the observed trend will continue. The study also notes significant declines in problematic behavior generally. Perhaps it can be explained by earlier medical intervention for problem children.

What might be happening is the "crack effect". An expert on drug addiction predicted crack use would decline because so many crack zombies would be example to others of what not to do. With synthetic cannabinoids flooding the market in the last decade and the serious consequences of that usage, perhaps it was made adolescents much more cautious about marijuana usage.