Thursday, June 23, 2016

Current annoyances

Hey, what good is maintaining a blog if you can't complain to no one in particular?

1.   Ear candles being sold in pharmacies.   Yes, I first saw them in a pharmacy years ago, but last night I saw them again, and in a suburb with a big university student population.   This really annoys me - a totally useless, fantasy science based product that is barely a step above employing a witch doctor to provide consultations in the corner.  (In fact, that may be considerably safer.)  Lift your game, pharmacists!

2.  The extraordinary number of words still devoted to a violent fantasy soap opera each new season.   You know the show I am talking about (OK, Game of Nudes About to be Killed, or whatever) - and given that I noticed some news story devoted to explaining how a particularly realistic violent death was done in a recent episode, I still consider it extremely likely that the show is morally degrading.  

3. While I'm getting indigent about corrupting TV shows - what about Drunk History??  I've tried watching a couple of episodes of the British version of this show on SBS on Demand, and I was going to go on a rant about the depravity of modern England, but I gather now that in fact the British version came after an American version, which I have never seen.   In any event, I can't imagine a stupider idea from a social policy point of view than starting a show with "And today's narrator, after downing 2 pints of lager and 8 double scotch and soda, will now tell the story of ...."   I mean, for God's sake, are they serious about the amount claimed to have been consumed at the start of the show - because in one episode it sounded literally enough to kill some people if it was consumed within a couple of hours.   Honestly, I really can't imagine a worse idea:  well I can, although I suppose executive producers may be somewhat wary of going to jail if they try a show based on comedians who have just snorted two lines of coke.  And if they try one based on stoned comedians in cannabis legal America - being stoned just doesn't make people funny, from my limited experience around them.  But in any event, as far as I could make out, the end result even with alcohol is just not very funny.  It is a terrible idea.

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