Monday, June 13, 2016

Leyonhjelm can't resist

So, (hopefully soon to be ex-) Senator Leyonhjelm couldn't hold it back any longer - tweeting the solution to gun massacres in gay nightclubs is for gays to be armed.   Because, yeah, a flurry of bullets from pistols as well as the spray from a rapidly firing AR15 in a semi dark nightclub full of a few hundred dancers is a better solution than - not letting nutters (Islamic or otherwise) getting their hands on a AR15. Not to mention the fact that Florida already has concealed weapon licences, although bars are apparently "gun free zones" by law.*

 What a "guns cure everything" moron.

*  Of course, the appalling gun nutters believe this is unfair.   If Leyonhjelm thinks people going out to a bar or nightclub would feel safer by knowing some patrons are probably carrying a concealed carry pistol, then he should say so; and the rest of Australia can laugh at his face.


Jason Soon said...

the guy worked for a global security firm. gun bans wouldn't have helped here

Steve said...

With all due respect, this is stupid, stupid way to argue, Jason.

First, the fact that the guy went out and bought his own guns to do this might just suggest his company doesn't issue things like AR15's to the employees to keep at home, no? Or do you think he was a good enough employee not to bring his employer into disrupt by using their guns?

Second, this is dangerously close to the the perfect is the enemy of the good line "people who kill with guns would always have found another way if they wanted to kill - home made bombs, or look at the guy who once killed a dozen kids with a knife?" It's a useless hypothetical which prevents sensible law reform.

Jason Soon said...

the point is gun bans won't protect us against security guards going bonkers and this groups isn't exactly high on the human capital rankings

Steve said...

Still teetering on the it's-all-or-nothing line of reasoning, it seems..

To give but one example, a security guard "going bonkers" with a couple of small magazine, small caliber, pistols is, I would suggest, going to find it much harder to kill 50 people than this guy who was able to let of 24 rounds in 9 seconds. (It has a 30 round magazine, apparently.)