Friday, July 08, 2016

Anti-Semitism and climate change denialism

Hey Jason - I think it's a very silly suggestion in your tweet that Clive Hamilton "comes close" to tarring all climate change denialists with anti-Semitism when in his article he specifically details how Bolt openly repudiated  Robert's Jewish banker conspiracy mongering.   (Sure, Hamilton doesn't "give credit" to Bolt for that, for reasons he explains, but Bolt's stance is still a large part of the article.)

You may not like Hamilton, but an article reminding us of the conspiracy nuttiness of a new Senator (and that of prominent denialists Jonova and her husband) is a good public service, if you ask me.


Jason Soon said...

and the next few paras basically goes from saying it's 'not inconsistent' to be antisemitic and a climate denialist (agreed) to saying 'it makes sense' once you have accepted climate denialism to be an anti-semite (which is the basis for my claim that he 'comes close' to tarring all denialists that way. since when did hairshirt hamilton start becoming such a passionate defender of Goldman Sachs?

Steve said...

I think you're reading too much into the "make sense" comment, given that it reads:

"Settling on Jewish bankers, known to be bent on world domination, makes sense."

First, it seems to me the "known to be bent on world domination" is perhaps meant as sarcasm; and secondly, he's already (almost) praised Bolt for rejecting that as the ultimate source of the conspiracy.

Isn't the point just that if you're silly enough to believe in Jewish global domination theories, you're definitely silly enough to see that climate change is part of their conspiracy? But that it does not not necessarily run the other way - given Bolt as a prime example?

David Evan and Jonova are also goldbugs, and I noted the (little noticed) mutterings of Evans about rich old European banking families (code for Jews, of course) being behind climate change on this blog years ago. When pointed out at Catallaxy, it annoys them no end and they deny it means Jews.

So yes, there are many deniers of the "classic liberal/conservative" bent who are very sensitive to the fact that some prominent figures in the scene in Australia have seen Jews! behind it all, but it is rarely pointed out in public. (Jonova appeared on that pretty dire ABC show a few years ago with Minchin and a "believer" both visiting various experts to see if either would change position, but Jonova was not challenged on this.)

As I said, the nutty conspiracy theories of a likely new Senator is an important thing to re-visit.