Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More curious images from Japan

This is now a common sign on Japanese train stations.   People must have longer selfie sticks than I realised:

And one day, near a train station, we noticed this novelty in a kids' vending machine:

It appears to be underwear (dare I say "panties"?) for drinks bottles.  My daughter was tempted to buy one the next day, but the vending machines had been reconfigured, and they were gone.   I pointed out that if it weren't for the photo, this is something that, 20 years later, you might be uncertain whether it was real or part of a dream....

Update:   I see that "panties for drink bottles" were noted on the internet last year.   I now understand the condensation catching utility of them, and regret not having purchased one.  Strictly the plaid design for me, though:  I do have some boxers in similar colour.

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