Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Read Hot Air grinding its teeth

Trump on Miss Universe: No, really, she gained a massive amount of weight - Hot Air Hot Air

Yes - it is hard to see how Trumpkins can possibly believe that their man is a brilliant media tactician when he, completely unnecessarily, revisits losing points and helps confirm that he is easily baited.

Also interesting to see the comments following this showing that a large number of this blog's readers thought Trump was terrible in the debate.  Of course, some of his supporters weigh in with fat Latino jokes, too. 


not trampis said...

Most people learn at an early age to fess up when you clearly make a mistake and not to do it again.

Trump seems to thrive on making his mistake worse!

Jason Soon said...

sounds a bit like someone we know who once advanced a ridiculous theory about 'skanky ho' and ended up redefending it, Homer

not trampis said...

mate ,
you accepted thee were 5 or 6 definitions of that on urban dictionary one of which had My definition in.

sounding like Katesy Jason. be very worried

anon said...

OMG, he's back to skanky hoing?

Homer you complefe imbecile, no one, not one single person took your side that there were multiple definitions of the skank. You should be severely beaten for peddling this garbage. I'm almost tempted to inform dot that you've started this again.

You pea brain.

not trampis said...

err dopey I didn't start it.

I might add even when Latham's diaries showed that Latham had no idea of what the term meant Soony would not believe that. He is going Katesy!

A pity you clueless people do not understand techno;logy!

Jason Soon said...

it's interesting that you're still swooning for Latham at the same time as you've been having a go at Trump Homer. Latham is basically Australia's Trump

Steve said...

Latham and Trump? Both similar in the aggro and difficulties in coping with feminism; but Latham at least probably has an attention span.