Thursday, September 15, 2016

The reviews are in

Just noticed a comment by CL at Catallaxy regarding Pauline Hanson's speech in the Senate yesterday (the one where she rails against Muslims, immigration generally, Halal food, foreign investment, free trade, the Family Court, and welfare bludgers) that reads:
It is funny, warm and just plain real. The stand-out oration of the new Parliament.
Of course he likes it.  He's a sad refugee from the 1950's, longing for a return to that decade, as is Hanson.  (Although I note the irony that twice divorced Pauline may well have found herself stuck in one of her unhappy marriages were we to emulate the 1950's divorce system today.)


not trampis said...

so the mussies are now railing against the Asians who were taking over Australia.

Has to be Katesy's wife surely!

Shrieking Wombat Ninja said...

CL is such a sad case. As are most commenters over there. The last cries of the white male patriarchy.