Monday, September 19, 2016

They just do?

Why Do Some People Hate Poetry? - The Atlantic

Never been particularly interested in, or partial to, poetry.   I also doubt that this is all that worthy of much analysis.  It's a contrived style of writing/communication that just misses the mark, for me.  Some people can listen to classical music, even the most "pop" pieces, and not be moved a bit.  Meh.   


TimT said...

Lays rather too much emphasis on romantic poetic thought, that essay.

Arguably poetry is one of the least contrived of the arts. Music, for instance, is in essence, wholly useless - a triumph of form over content, an arrangement of mere sounds that you would never hear in the everyday. Poetry is just an arrangement of words - it is at its simplest something you might hear someone say anytime. William Hazlitt had a story that, upon first meeting William Wordsworth, WW made the passing observation "How beautifully the sun sets on that yellow bank!" = which could quite easily become a line in a poem.

Of course poetry today is often more contrived than *ever* but that's what being raised up on pretentious modernism and a silly desire for endless revolution in the arts will do to you.

Steve said...

Knew you would have trouble resisting making a comment :)

TimT said...

*Jitter* *Twitch*