Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trump and the expected Republican break up

I thought this piece in the Washington Post, about the Republican Party's problems (and widely anticipated break up/re-alignment after losing at the election) being more than just about Trump, was pretty convincing. I'll make another post about the Right wing's necessary re-alignments.  (Although long time readers can probably guess one of them!)


not trampis said...

I think Hillary will be a one term President because although she will be great at policy she has no political smarts at all.

So we shall see

Mayan said...

I would suggest that there is no plausible future for the Liberal Party unless the Bernardi faction either leaves or is expelled.

Jason Soon said...

hey steve
thought this might be of interest to you since you've blogged about him a few times.

recognise one of the names on this list? Frank Tipler!!


Steve said...

Well, he's a climate change fake skeptic, so I shouldn't be surprised.

And he's only 69: well below the age at which I usually say that people are too old to pay any attention to any more.

That's a handy list of academics to be mentally marked "Never to Be Trusted on Anything Ever Again", although, of course, I don't think I recognise any of the names other than Tipler, anyway.

Paul Montgomery said...

Couple of thoughts on this:

First, the history of Hillary is that she's terribly unpopular when she's running for a new position, but once she's in then people realise how good she is at it, and her popularity skyrockets. Thus I think she gets two terms.

Second, for long-term prognostications on subjects like this, Martin Longman of Booman Tribune is usually very good. He reckons if the GOP retain the House majority, they will tear themselves apart for good because the Establishment will finally rid themselves of the Reagan Democrats. But if Hillary sneaks a majority, they will unite against her. Can't argue with his record, he's been very accurate.

Anonymous said...

"People realise how good she is at it" ... What? Thieving you fat idiot.