Monday, November 14, 2016

A more modest suggestion for some on the electoral college

So, some on the Left seem to think they have a chance of convincing the Electoral College to not vote in Trump.  Vox explains in detail why this just won't happen - well, short of Trump doing his long mooted  shooting of a person in the street, I suppose; even then, who knows?   If it was a protester, his followers would probably forgive him.

Anyway, instead of trying to convince Electoral College members to refuse to vote him in, perhaps the Left should try to convince them of something less dire, but important to transparency in government.  That is, withhold their vote in the college unless he has first disclosed his tax returns.

Still pie in the sky;  but slightly less pie in the sky than what some want now.


Mayan said...

Trump's dance around the issue of conflict of interest, saying that he can let his kids run it, instead of liquidating it and putting the proceeds into a blind trust relates to the tax return reticence. If he were to float the companies and liquidate the rest, that would reveal his true financial position.

While it might not be a requirement for a US president to put everything into a blind trust, common sense and a sense of the importance of the office dictate that action.

The 2018 mid-terms will be the most exciting and important for a long time.

Steve said...

Yes, everything indicates you will be right about the mid-terms. Good chance they will happen under a President Pence, though, you'd have to suspect...