Friday, November 18, 2016

Both do like labels...

The Link Between Autism and Trans Identity - The Atlantic

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Mayan said...

I cannot think of anyone I know who is autistic and trans, and I have met a lot of trans people, as one does when one is trans. That said, many are introverted, although when the social stigma concerning being trans is considered, that is not surprising.

Many of us are engineers or something to do with computers. Maybe that has something to do with an undercurrent of slightly autistic traits, but maybe it is survivor bias. To afford surgery requires resources, and they are found among well-paying jobs, which these days are in STEM, which favours a certain personality type.

As for your cheap shot about labels, consider Catallaxy. They love to apply derogatory labels to others. Why is that type of thing not liking labels, but when those they label take control and choose their own labels, that is viewed as liking labels? You're better than the average Cat. Think about it. To name something (or someone) is to have power over that which you name. If you are labelling yourself, then is that not a way of having dominion over yourself?