Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Yes, this is the .....

Or, for the non English reader:

I think this justifies a little introspective.

Why do I do this?  Obviously, back when I started this in 2005, it seemed that blogging could be an important and entertaining aspect of the internet landscape, but that hope has all but gone, with most people moving into the short sugar hit of Twitter to get an opinion out with minimal effort or analysis, or diverting into Facebook if they want to spend all day talking about themselves.   All a bit of a pity, I reckon.

I've long since moved into treating the blog as a sort of open diary of thoughts and events, but one that avoids oversharing with respect to my own family and circumstances - I don't see great dignity in that.   If anyone out there wants to follow what I'm interested in, that's fine;  but it's not as if I'm really trying to satisfy anyone but myself.    (And a good thing too, given my very modest long term hit-rate!)

It also serves a useful function as a list of handy bookmarks that is always accessible; and for noting things I may want to find again in future, such as the odd recipe I like.   

And here's the thing - I never know whether I should say this here, but I can pick any old archive page on this blog, and nearly always be pleased with what I find.   The range of topics covered; reviewing the ways in which my opinion has subtly changed over the years; predictions that turned out very accurate (see Rudd, K, amongst others); reminders of trips taken; the odd good photo; and finding links to stories and articles that I still find interesting, esoteric and/or well written -  I think (he says immodestly) this is a great little corner of the internet.  And I find I want to keep recording opinions and material on it, in the way I have for 11 years now.

As for its utility, apart from pleasing its author, I do have vague hopes that sometimes I may link to something hard to find that some Googling reader finds very useful and important.  I also wonder whether my kids (and wife) will find it interesting to read in future, either in my declining years or after I'm gone.  At the moment, they know about it, but rarely care to read it.  (Do writers' families ever spend much time reading the writer's work?)  While I will always want to avoid Facebook style disclosure, I hope they find some of my personality, and love for them, to be discernable in a future reading.

And so, onwards with the blog.   I saw both Interstellar and Dr Strange on the weekend - I really want to write about them! 


Paul Montgomery said...

Congrats Steve!

What's your tip for the Electoral College tomorrow? :)

Steve said...

Thanks monty.

Last election, when I predicted the win to the exact electoral college count - please remind the nutters about that over at Catallaxy - I just saw someone's last minute forecast - I think it was Nate Silver? - which I think left all but a handful of swing states up in the air - and just assigned them with a bit of guesswork. This year, I think it's much harder, given the swinging-ness of much of the polling.

But I've have a go tonight, probably.

not trampis said...

I agree with what Soony said moons ago about your blog.

It is really interesting.


TimT said...

Happy blogiversary, Steve!

John said...

Congratulations Steve. Yours is the only general reading blog I read. Nearly every day I drop in to follow your musings.

Steve said...

Thanks John. I didn't realise you visited that regularly.

BTW, where do you post about medical research stuff again?

John said...

I'm not maintaining that blog anymore. At present my interests are rather narrow(autistic spectrum disorder)so I don't bother posting.