Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Trump and the Generals

Here's a pretty balanced take on the matter of Trump's apparent fondness of getting Generals involved in his government, from the CSM.

As for the one who is definitely wanted by Trump at the moment - Mattis - I wouldn't have thought that a Marine leader who is likened by Trump to Patton (with a history of somewhat over the top motivational quips to his troops) would be a good choice.  Yet the New York Times has endorsed him in an opinion piece and editorially.  And Trump himself says that Mattis has told him that he is against torture, due to it not being effective.

So, maybe he would be OK?  I dunno, I sorta just don't really trust Marines, though, to be honest.  Their earnestness puts me off.  


not trampis said...

You should never have a General in charge of Defence. always make it a civilian. The 'General in charge of National Security is a fruitcake who is a gullible idiot. A post truth administration indeed!

Jason Soon said...

I respect generals as long as they've actually been in the field and are not just career armchair generals.

Homer, you have no business calling anyone a gullible idiot

not trampis said...

really Soony why?

This idiot was right into the Clinton myths. his son is even worse.

A real Trumpian so Steve would say.

anon said...

The nerve homer , the blind audacity.

not trampis said...

Flynn is more of a nutcase than Katesy .Think about that!