Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A President for thugs

"Ha ha ha" they laughed. 
President Donald Trump appeared to quip Tuesday that he would “destroy” the career of a state senator in Texas who introduced legislation that a county sheriff doesn’t like.
Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson complained about the sheriff to Trump during a meeting on Tuesday in the White House with sheriffs from around the country. Eavenson will likely be the next president of the National Sheriff’s Association, according to The Dallas Morning News.
“A state senator in Texas was talking about introducing legislation to require conviction before we could receive that forfeiture money” from drug traffickers, Eavenson said.
“Can you believe that?” Trump replied.
Eavenson continued: “I told him that the cartel would build a monument to him in Mexico if he could get that legislation passed.”
“Who is the state senator?” Trump then asked. “Do you want to give his name?”
Eavenson shrugged.
“We’ll destroy his career,” Trump said as people around him laughed.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Hillary Clinton want to 'drone' Julian Assange?

Steve said...

A comment made in private, allegedly. And with her, I would assume it's not serious. I don't give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Trump likes to intimidate and act the tough man to a public audience.