Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Message to monty

Telling you nothing new, but the CL approach to history follows some simple, immutable, rules:

a.  no Labor (or in America, Democrat) politician ever did anything great, ever.  Or, if pressed, deserves credit for anything great.
b.  the Catholic Church was the greatest, most heroic, institute for the advancement of humanity, ever;
c.  all figures in history have to pass the purity test of their attitude to abortion and contraception before anything positive can be said about them.    


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting these rules are wrong?

Paul Montgomery said...

Oh I know all that, Steve. The joy is in watching everyone else gang up on him when he rolls out that stupid ahistorical rubbish which is at odds with the history everyone knows to be true. It's CL versus reality and, inexorably, reality wins. Not that CL will ever acknowledge defeat, but I enjoy his dismay at being disproved by lived experience.

The end point of posters who have nothing to say is that they say the same thing over and over again, long past the time it was at all relevant, such that they resemble a chatbot stuck on a subroutine. Tiny Dancer is the finest example of this, I've got him looped like a funky drumbeat. CL is devolving to that state, slowly but surely.

not trampis said...

It appears M0nty is having a lot of fun. I have to say It would be fun commenting on Trump and pointing out their outrageous fallacies at present if one had the time.