Friday, February 03, 2017

More "can you imagine the Right wing/wingnut commentary on this if it had happened under Obama"?

As noted at Axios:
Reuters has a new report on the raid in Yemen this weekend that resulted in the death of Navy SEAL William "Ryan" Owens. It includes some shocking claims from anonymous U.S. military officials:
  • Trump approved the raid without proper intelligence, ground support, or contingency plans.
  • The intelligence lapses caused the SEAL team to drop into a reinforced compound with a larger group of Al Qaeda soldiers than expected.
  • The "brutal firefight" that killed Owens also resulted in the deaths of 15 women and children, including an 8-year old girl.
Why it matters: A leak like this is highly unusual in the military community — and especially shocking when it comes just 12 days into a new presidency. It raises questions about Trump's standing among his military leaders, as these officials have now thrown their commander-in-chief under the bus.
And as for Right wing commentary, look at Hot Air:
I’ve read the NYT, WaPo, and Reuters accounts of what happened but I can’t recall a single piece of hard evidence alleged that would suggest the White House, rather than military planners, screwed this up. 
Update:  contrast the remarkable fairness of the mainstream news blogs Slate and Vox both saying that people shouldn't rush to judgement about it being Trump's fault.   (Compared to how right wing blogs would treat Obama.)   But the fact still remains (as Vox says):  it seems pretty remarkable that someone within in the military is prepared to complain about Trump so early.  (Again, if it had been military sources leaking against Obama, we would have never heard the end of it from Republicans and their media.) 

At least it's a good sign that Trump doesn't the full support of the military.


not trampis said...

Steve, neither Trump nor any of his team have any experience of public service. They are highly inexperienced.

When you are an ignorant braggart this will occur.

The big problem is trump never acknowledges mistakes and thus never learns.

This is why he acts like a schoolboy.

We knew all this before however.

Jason Soon said...

"The big problem is trump never acknowledges mistakes and thus never learns."
Pot, meet kettle

not trampis said...

You are projecting again Soony.
If you only learnt how to use internet sites and understand how they work you would not make a Trump of yourself. I can see how you are a trumpian.

you are becoming more catallaxian each day

Anonymous said...
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Steve said...

Comment deleted for language.