Monday, March 27, 2017

A complaint about the weather

I'm really sick of this summer, which should be easing by now, but isn't.

It's getting close to April, and it was 32 degrees yesterday (perhaps more in my suburb, I think), humid and still.

In fact, that's my biggest complaint about this summer - it's been hot and (usually) without the benefit of any evening breeze (or, largely, any evening storms.)  

We've also had little rain (although some recently has greened the place up.)  The yard has never looked worse during a summer.  We tried growing some vegetables, as we weren't taking a holiday, and nothing grew well.

We never ended up going to the beach, partly for fear of car heat in the oppressive sun, but it appears no great loss anyway, as there were lots of reports of lots of jellyfish and stingers this whole summer.

The only arguably worse summer was the one that led to the 2011 floods, where the rain was continual and you really felt like a shut in for that reason.

Sydney has likely had an even worse time of it this year, but Brisbane's summer has been bad enough.


not trampis said...

bloody oath. I umpired one match on turf in March. I have had a gutful of 40c days followed by almost continuous rain.

I am glad it has nothing to do with AGW!

Steve said...

I gather it has not been a hot summer in Melbourne, where the IPA and Andrew Bolt are based. Hence, global warming is still a laugh.

You'd think Tim Blair might get a clue, but apparently not...

Steve said...

What really annoys me is the wilful ignorance it takes to not believe in AGW now. The "pause" that never worried climate scientists as evidence against AGW has well and truly passed, polar ice levels are going down, and all Bolt and Blair can hang onto is out of context comments by Tim Flannery, and the (literally) handful of contrarian scientists who keep saying "we don't know enough, maybe it will stop soon."

Arthur was 100% right last week: believing the contrarian scientists is the equivalent of believing the handful of anti vax doctors out there.

John said...

Today, March 28, was a summer day. Strange days indeed.