Sunday, March 19, 2017

Identity disclosed

I was getting my daily dose of nonsense from looking at the Catallaxy open thread today, when I noticed that one of the regular thread presences, "memoryvault", mentioned having published 3 books, by title.

This made it easy to Google him, and it would appear that memoryvault is Peter Sawyer.  Maybe that's been disclosed there before* - it is not as if I read every single thread or comment, but this is new to me.

Now, there were hints previously (from the oddball commenter Fisk, I think) that  MV had been involved in nutty Right wing politics a few decades ago, and yes, I see that he is the subject of some material on the 'net.  I'm not sure of the author of this piece talking about far right politics in Australia in the 80's and 90's, but here's what he (or she) writes about Sawyer:
Soothsayers and false prophets made the message propagandistically immediate.  Peter Sawyer, a sacked Social Security employee, became an oracle.  Sawyer rose to fame upon insisting a conspiracy existed at the ‘Deakin Centre’ to use super-computer departmental linkages to re-formulate the ‘Australia Card’.[55]  In 1987 he predicted Aboriginal revolution:

The real weapons for the Great Black Revolution arrived quietly in WA some months ago.  7,000 AK47 Russian assault rifles, plus ammunition.  These were shipped in on false documents prepared by Fuller Firearm Group of … Sydney.  Transfer of funds was arranged through Mr. Laurie Connell’s Merchant Bank, Rothwells and they are currently …  stored … around various warehouses owned by Mr. Alan Bond.[56]

Panic was recorded in some rural centres.[57]  Sawyer drew large audiences in many Queensland towns[58] and was vociferously endorsed by Sydney radio personality Brian Wilshire, who subsequently authored ‘conspiratology’ books himself.[59]  Sawyer suggested black revolution was a plot of the United Nations to permit military intervention in Australia.

Sawyer’s wild tales utilized ex-CPA member Geoff McDonald, whose Red Over Black, described ‘Land Rights’ as a communist/United Nations conspiracy.[60]  ‘Pro-mining’ McDonald, who had been patronized by Bjelke-Petersen, Ruxton, the LOR and Liberal-National branches, travelled throughout Australia during 1979-85, predicting violence.[61]  Nonetheless, Sawyer’s star-gazing outdid  McDonald and even Eric Butler, who denounced him.[62]
Googling around further led me to a 2010 comment on an Andrew Bolt thread, where it would appear that Sawyer was doing a Trump - talking about himself without disclosing it:

 Memory vault

Yes, of course MV/Sawyer would have been an early climate change denier - in fact, denial of climate change is really the only thing that absolutely all threadsters on Catallaxy have in common now.   It is the one issue that they will never argue about, which shows what a sheltered home for the easily fooled it has become.

Anyway, I wonder how many of the old timers there are aware of the extraordinary wrong-ness of Sawyer's previous political warnings...

*  Update:  yes, it was disclosed before, by Sawyer on Catallaxy, back in 2015.  In fact, now that I read the disclosure in 2015, I think I had seen that before, but what I had never bothered doing was Googling his name to see what he was known for, politically.


not trampis said...

wow a fruitcake amongst fruitcakes. Who would have thunked it!

John said...

It is the one issue that they will never argue about, which shows what a sheltered home for the easily fooled it has become.

That's weird, I have a vague memory that at some point, quite a few years ago now, SD tried to put forward an argument in favour of AGW. What a beast he has created of the Cat. So what happens to anyone who dares mention AGW there now?

Steve said...

I don't recall that, John. The closest he got to any concession, that I recall, was that if you really had to reduce carbon, a carbon tax (but one which was fully offset by other tax reductions) would be the way to do it.

He has stopped talking about whether it is real or not for a while now, but especially since the "pause" disappeared and he could no longer do his statistic game with the recent temperature record.

But he's still clearly loving that Trump is pulling funding from climate change research. He has put up the clip about that as a post today...

I guess he thinks fossil fuel miners are going to pay for the ongoing research. Libertarians are kinda stupid that way... [Or perhaps you can end the sentence earlier by deleting "that way".:)]

John said...


You are probably right about that. I just had the impression that SD was trying to broach the subject to test the waters.

So here's a thought. Now that even the business community is demanding a price on carbon, that the Pentagon admits to AGW as a serious problem, that virtually everyone of note admits to AGW, with the Cat people so fervent in their condemnation I wonder how many of them maintain their rage on the Cat but in the world generally keep quiet when the subject is raised.

BTW, the above argument is also relevant to the recent ruckus over the Gay marriage issue. Those Cat people must be feeling increasingly isolated from humanity at large. I imagine DB and CL and rather upset about that.