Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Let him rest

I take it from my twitter feed that there are perhaps two articles with respect to the late Bill Leak in The Australian today?  One of them is by his son, defending his father against the charge of racism, and I suppose I don't begrudge him having an opportunity to address that.  But still - the column space that has been devoted to him by that paper is just completely over the top.   (And I still say that a non-racist can produce a cartoon that racists take support from - and editors and the cartoonist himself should be sensitive to that.)

The Australian has a tiny circulation and seems to be under the impression that its relentless campaigns are actually of vital interest to the population at large.  In fact, they only matter to their hard core Right readership, including a limited number of Coalition politicians.  

And really, if the Senate is not going to pass amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act, what is the value of Coalition spending so much time on this, apart from it representing Right wing virtue signalling?  

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not trampis said...

Leak made an overtly racist cartoon. If he was so stupid as to believe there would be no blow-back his editor should have.

Leak was not hounded. He lawyers made no attempt to engage with the plaintiff's lawyers what so ever. They did not give 18d as a defence. Leak would have known this as it would have been explained to him.

If he was 'hounded' then it was because of the tactics of his lawyers and HE approved of. That is he wanted to be 'hounded'.There is much cant about this.