Thursday, March 16, 2017

Move to Brisbane

The problem with government getting too involved in trying to push people to where government thinks they should live is that it rarely seems to work.   Decentralisation of government departments just irritates people, for example, despite a fondness for the idea by both Whitlam and (now) Barnaby Joyce.

But with all the talk of the extraordinarily high housing prices in Sydney and Melbourne, and the impossibility of young adults to get into the real estate market there without family help, it does seem to me that governments, or someone, should be putting more effort into emphasising the very high affordability of housing and units within a 45 min commute of Brisbane.   (Such a commute being nothing in the larger cities.)

Here is a photo of Raby Bay marina, at Cleveland, which is on Moreton Bay:

It has a string of decent restaurants, a bar or two, and is at the end of the train line which, admittedly, does seem to take a long time (1 hour 25 min) to get into the city compared to the car commute which Google puts down as low as 40 min.

But look, you can buy a two bedroom, two bathroom, one car apartment in this block for $319,000.  (!)

Or in Cleveland (the suburb Raby Bay is really part of) for $595,000 (list price) a four bedroom, modern airconditioned house:

Over on the west side of the city, and now near a rail line as well, at Forest Lake for "offers over $439,000":

Commute time to city:  25 minutes (outside of peak hour) and 24 km away.  The train commute from the train station at nearby Richlands - 30 min.

I mean, really:  do people from Sydney know how cheaply they can buy in Brisbane compared to Sydney?

Maybe the Queensland government and Brisbane City Council should run advertisements down there:  "Sure, you might be lowering your expectations, but you'll also be lowering your mortgage by up to 500%."...


John said...

Why not make Cleveland a commercial centre? The commute has listed on Google is a joke because during peak hours it is a nightmare. The train takes far too long and the car parks at the stations are already inadequate. We can't have a situation where each city has only one major commercial district. I know, I've played Sim City and it is much better to have a number of commercial centres. :)

Steve said...

It is a long time on that train line, isn't it?

I've never driven it at peak hour, but on a weekend that 40 min into the city would be about right.

I really like Cleveland, and tried fishing in the canals a few times. Never caught anything substantial, though.

Paul Montgomery said...

Yeah, but then you have to live in Queensland. Next to Queenslanders.

Lovely rugby league team, but you wouldn't want to live there. ;) said...

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