Thursday, April 20, 2017

The American conservative brand has a bit of a PR problem

What with Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes gone from Fox News in circumstances which sound like, if you saw it in a movie, you would find hard to believe (and along those lines, let's not forget Sean Hannity pointing a gun at a co-host), and a President who cheated on a wife and thought barging into women's dressing rooms was fun, it does seem as if American conservatives have a real image problem.   But do they care?   Probably not - culture wars, you know, means you can excuse anything as long as it is not the other side.

Update:   Good grief - look at this story - O'Reilly's replacement couldn't be bothered apologising to a spokeswoman for an appallingly sexist attitude shown by his brother in an email accidentally sent to her.


not trampis said...

I would have thought that in the USA like here adultery is a bi-partisan thing.

Steve said...

Yes, adultery is bi-partisan; I don't think old fashioned sexual harassment is, though.

not trampis said...

Same horse different jockey to my mind although sexual harassment has lot to do with how high the position the person occupies.