Monday, June 05, 2017

Pirates No 5

I went with the family yesterday to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and can report that, as predicted, I had an enjoyable time.

The movie is, of course, not perfect or groundbreaking, and I have two criticisms:  I don't think the screenplay was as witty or as well thought out as it should have been.  (I don't know that the witch accusation against the young heroine was ever explained, for example; and having re-watched it recently, I thought that Stranger Tides' script was probably sharper and funnier.)    I also find it a tad distracting when films are made in Australia that I spend much time noticing the Australian-ness of the support actors.  (And, in fact, I think both young leads are Australian too, aren't they?)

That said, it looks pretty great (I think it looks a more expensive production than the last one) and I am still in general awe as to the special effects imagination that has gone into this series.  (It's just ridiculous how realistic they can make sailing ships in fantastical environments look - although nothing has ever matched the ships fighting as they swirl towards destruction at the climate of At World's End.)

If you like Depp as Jack Sparrow I think you'll still like him here; it moves quite quickly and the action is (with one or two minor quibbles) well executed.

And, look, I have to confess to this, as it may give a true indication of a what a Pirates tragic I must be:  my face literally started twitching when the vital reunion that ends the film took place.  Yes, I told my family it emotionally affected me - they couldn't believe it either.  But I think we all agreed, we would sign up for a number 6. 


not trampis said...

tell me Steve,

Are you a fan of Neil Diamond and Abba as well?

Steve said...

Ha ha. Neil Diamond was a pretty great songwriter at his peak - everyone acknowledges that, don't they? Abba - no I never had any fondness for their bland brand of Euro pop (nor did I hate them - they were just "mostly harmless".) I declined my wife's suggestion thato see that Mamma Mia show