Thursday, June 29, 2017

You had me at "you shouldn't exercise"...

Actually, the article is about why you shouldn't think exercise will help a lot with weight loss (despite it being good for plenty of other reasons.)

(I'm not an obese butterball, honestly.  I just find going out to deliberately exercise intellectually boring.)


not trampis said...

you know Trump doesn't believe in exercise either!

Steve said...

I don't even golf, Homer.

I don't mind walking, and people who hold up a line of cars to get the car park 30 m closer to the shop entry drive me nuts.

But getting up early to go for a walk around the neighbourhood just for exercise - I find it boring. (It has been suggested I should listen to Radio National, which I do while shaving, but you've got to specifically have an AM radio in your pocket for that. And headphones. Or perhaps use the ABC app on your phone, and then use up data to listen to it. Not convinced.)