Wednesday, July 05, 2017

More evidence for the sad (angry) sacks

I noted recently that Catallaxy is mentally unhealthy for its commenters, because its misleadingly reassuring echo chamber effect isolates them from reality, increasing their anger at why the media/rest of the world just don't get it.   More evidence:
Turnbull is preferred as Liberal leader to Tony Abbott by 68-32, with Coalition voters favouring Turnbull 73-27. However, One Nation voters prefer Abbott by a massive 77-23. It appears that as Turnbull has become more centrist over the last two months, the hard right has moved towards One Nation.

In ReachTEL’s forced choice better PM question, Turnbull leads by 54-46, a two point gain for Turnbull since the May Channel 7 ReachTEL. Same sex marriage is supported by 62-26, with 59% in favour of a plebiscite to decide the issue, while 41% prefer a parliamentary vote. 64% thought penalty rates should be higher on Sunday than Saturday.

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John said...

Abbott's gutless. He knows that the Liberals will never be as he wants them to be, he knows they will never shift to policies he favours yet failed to implement. The Liberals know he is an electoral disaster as a back bencher, consistently eroding their policy platform. Abbott should resign the party. Enough whining, show some guts, resign, and strike out on his own. Abbott typifies so much that is wrong with modern politicians. For all their whingeing they don't demonstrate the courage of their convictions.