Friday, July 14, 2017

Poor Tony

It is with much amusement that I read of Fox-lite Sky News host Paul Murray getting a surprise:
That moment of truth emerged on Wednesday night when one of Mr Abbott’s most ardent supporters, Sky News’ late night host Paul Murray, asked a live audience in Townsville about the former PM.
The audience was made up of Paul Murray’s regular viewers, so it was representative of nothing more than the 50,000 or so people who tune in to Paul Murray Live each weeknight. To call this bunch right-wingers or conservatives would be an extreme act of understatement.

So Mr Murray was probably expecting a different answer when he polled the audience by a show of hands to indicate their views of Tony Abbott. It started out well, with much of the audience indicating support for Mr Abbott to stay in parliament. A smattering less than that thought the backbencher should “be promoted”.

But to Mr Murray’s demonstrable surprise, almost no-one in the room wanted Mr Abbott to be returned to the prime ministership.
So who are the anti Turnbull conservatives in the Liberals thinking they could turn to?  Charmless, he should have been an undertaker, Dutton? 

No wonder the nursing home of Catallaxy is so depressed and angry lately.   (Well, they've always been angry.)  No one to turn to in their time of "need".   I recommend anti-depressants and sedation.  And getting a clue.


not trampis said...

They can have either. This would guarantee a change of government. Abbott relies on people having no memory of when he was PM

Anonymous said...


There's also a third possibility which I guess has entered your head. People don't want either and would entertain someone else as leader.

Paxton, shove off!

not trampis said...

People no not vote for Party leader genius.

Are you sure your name is not Trump. You sure sound like them!

Steve said...

Names, JC - give me names of who Catallaxy style conservatives would be happy with leading the Liberals and Coalition.

Anonymous said...

Catallaxy is a nursing home?

Just scanning through a few articles here, through the Catallaxy link, and noted a few references to Catallaxy. I wonder what the history of resentment, rejection, envy and jealousy is all about.


Steve said...

Is that a rhetorical question, Jannie?

Anonymous said...

Names, JC - give me names of who Catallaxy style conservatives would be happy with leading the Liberals and Coalition..

A large number of Cat commenters these days are mentally insane. I wouldn't know nor care who some of these people supported. Most of these turkeys are national socialists in the true sense of the word. It's not to disparage them by making this claim.

I for one would probably go with Christian Porter. Funnily enough I think Hunt would also make a decent PM as he's very smart and competent.

Anonymous said...

The above observation doesn't apply to old/medium timers. let's be clear.