Friday, August 04, 2017

Everything's fine

Watching members of the Cult of Trump is like a permanent run of that dog in a fire cartoon.  Here's a reliable tell:  if they refer to the Mueller investigation as the "Wussia" investigation, and claim it is dead, or a nothingburger, (or even - is going to backfire on the Democrats), they're pretty much a political idiot.  [Hi, JC.]

Axios is reporting today rumours that the investigation is going into Trump finances,  and there is a grand jury.   Over at Vox, the temporary FBI head had apparently warned a bunch of his people that they are potential witnesses. 

The Atlantic summarises all of this, and notes that the investigation is sure to run into 2018, possibly the following year too.

But yeah, sure:  there's nothing to the "Wussia" investigation.

1 comment:

not trampis said...

You do not have grand juries into nothing.
Presidents with nothing to hide could not give a toss about such an investigation. Presidents whom do have something to hide want it shut down.
JC political idiot. Tautology steve!!