Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Left should be embarrassed, too, but still...

I do get rather sick of the Right going "ha ha Lefties - look at Venezuela  - look where your socialism takes countries".  

But, admittedly, it was remarkably stupid of any Left wing politician (or commentator) to be endorsing the (to my mind) obviously economically extreme policies of Chavez, and it  should be embarrassing to them that some did so.

That said, there is a more-or-less sensible centre to politics and economics, and I don't think you can plausibly argue that embarrassingly short sighted endorsement of Chavez reflected mainstream centre Left economic policy views for the rest of the world.  

That rabid Right wingers pretend otherwise (and, in American, carry on like pork chops about, say,  universal health care being "socialism" that will lead to the collapse of the country) just shows they can't see the sensible centre either.

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