Friday, February 09, 2018

Every Clint Eastwood film in ten words

"...and then righteous testosterone did what had to be done."

[A post inspired by the rather bad reviews of his latest movie, for which I have to join in with every writer and say "not to detract from those guys did, which was really outstanding".   But Eastwood's thematic interests really are limited to the above to a cliche extent, aren't they?]


not trampis said...

There was always one classic line in the dirty Harry films.

Steve said...

Often true in Schwarzenegger films too.

Of course, one could say that Arnie mainly did testosterone-y material too, but he always seemed to take himself not overly seriously, and as such I have a much higher tolerance of his oeuvre than Eastwood's.

And vigilante themes have always left me cold.