Tuesday, April 03, 2018

A complicated dream

Is there a word for the type of dream from which you half wake, and have trouble stopping as you drift back into sleep again even though you would like it to stop?

Sometimes, though, the effect is the opposite - a dream from which you half wake, recognize as telling a particularly interesting story, and wish you could get going again.

This morning I had such a dream.  It was some vaguely science fiction-y/spy story, with something about aliens and a doomsday machine being built by scientists, who were being shut down for working on such a dangerous project, but someone recognized the need to get it going again because it may be needed to fight off aliens.   There were underground facilities, people being shot unexpectedly, a sense the story had finished happily, only for another key character to be shot and the realisation it hadn't ended after all.   I'm not sure that I was a participating character - it was more like watching a TV show or long movie.

I presume this arose from having watched the end of season 2 of Mr Robot last night - not that I have enjoyed the show as much as the dream.   But yeah, there is a sense of a long, never ending story from watching that show.

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TimT said...

Sometimes I find a helpful way to get back to sleep is to think over the dream I just had. Unless of course it was a bad dream!