Friday, April 06, 2018


Just having a quick scan of Catallaxy to get my blood pressure up, and noted this assessment of marginal media culture warrior Mark Steyn from even more marginal culture warrior CL:
Steyn was just wrapping everything up into an all-you-can-eat meal deal of dazzling polemic. It didn’t work on this occasion. He does this sometimes; he’s still the Chesterton of our time and, people, appreciate him because when he’s gone (cent’anni!) a black hole will be left.
Just ludicrous.


not trampis said...

not least that Chesterton was a christian

Jason Soon said...

"not least that Chesterton was a christian"
not according to you, Homes. he was a Catholic

not trampis said...

yet again you are incorrect. I have never said all catholics are not christian.

I can see why you support trump