Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Didn't take long

As I wrote only two months ago, regarding the revived Roseanne, it's a wonder that all of her co-stars and (I think) some of her old writers and producers agreed to go back to the show, given her history of ludicrous and offensive tweets, nutty interviews and famous fighting with her production staff in the later years of her first show.  They must have known it would be like working with a ticking bomb.   I hope John Goodman, a great character actor, didn't knock back too many movie roles for it.

I see that Breitbart has the best, wingnutty outrage comments about the cancellation, ranging from "they're shutting down free speech!" to "it is not racist to call a black woman a monkey!  have you seen her photo?" 


not trampis said...

She was always a vile woman. It was only time.

what cannot be explained is why so many watched the show.

I bet Catallaxy is right up there with Breitbart

Steve said...

Yes, of course they sympathise with Roseanne. JC thought the tweet was funny.

For a guy who worked and lived in New York, and is going to be living there part time again, he seems utterly clueless, or careless, about racism.

Steve said...

Given JC's latest comment:

"I love leftwing “logic”. All my learning life I/we’ve been taught that we descended from apes and calamari prior to getting out of the water on our own two newly evolved feet.

You accuse someone of descending from a movie depicting apes and you immediately get canned for causing offence.

HTF does that work?"

I'm just upgrading my assessment of him from "listens to only what he wants to hear, and does no research of his own" to to "just an idiot".

not trampis said...

JC has always been an idiot. I can still remember him providing the dictionary meaning of predecessor to back up Sinclair and then arguing against the definiton!