Sunday, May 06, 2018

Oh look, another libertarian do-nothing

For reasons unimportant to this post, I was searching through this blog for past entries about Helen Dale, and was reminded that she had written this in 2013:
5. Libertarians in particular need to drop their widespread refusal to accept the reality of climate change. It makes us look like wingnuts and diverts attention from the larger number of greenies who spew pseudoscience on a daily basis. 
A year after that, she started her (brief) career as a staffer for David Leyonhjelm, the accidental Senator whose party's policy is still a facade for denialism:
Scientific evidence suggests that the Earth’s climate has changed throughout its existence, sometimes dramatically, and that changes in climate have impacted human civilisation. Much of human history has been subject to the effects of global warming or cooling – the origins of the Sumerian, Babylonian and perhaps also biblical stories of a great flood, for example, are probably due to a massive rise in sea levels following global warming 7,600 years ago.

Global cooling from 1300 to 500 BC gave rise to the advance of glaciers, migration, invasion and famine. The Medieval Warm Period from 900 to 1300 AD led to the Vikings establishing colonies and trade routes.

Whether human activity is causing climate change or not, the important issue is whether governments are capable of implementing policies that mitigate it without reducing the prosperity of future generations.

Should the evidence become compelling that global warming is due to human activity, that such global warming is likely to have significantly negative consequences for human existence, and that changes in human activity could realistically reverse those consequences, the Liberal Democrats would favour market-based options.
And Leyonhjelm himself makes denialist quality tweets, such as:

 I also see (from her Facebook page, I think) that Dale is attending the Friedman Conference in Sydney later this month, which as I have already noted, is having climate change denialists Ian Plimer and "Jonova" as speakers.

What's the bet that Dale will not make a scene at the conference about it inviting as speakers only full blown climate change deniers?  

And that Chris Berg will appear on the ABC again and not be challenged about his similar status as fellow traveller with climate change denialism.  


not trampis said...

an economic liberal would support market based solutions whether it is a carbon tax or an ETS.

anon said...

Not if you don’t accept the science or believe action is unwarranted. You’re an idiot, Paxton . An insufferable moron.

not trampis said...

and you are innumerate and illiterate, The science is in and global warming is occurring.
The Arctic is the canary in the mine and it is dying.

you are a perfect example of what I wrote about today

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be posting comments , Paxton. Your stupidity ruins every blog. You're the only person to be ever banned for being a moron. Not much of an effort for you though.

not trampis said...

look in the mirror old son

not trampis said...

I should add if the ETS the ALP introduced was still in most of our energy problems would not be happening as Investment would have increased markedly knowing policy did not change all the time.

We should thank idiots like JC for the current mess we are in.