Tuesday, May 01, 2018

So easily led

Wow.  Steve Kates and the Trumpkin Right wing media show zero interest in the detail of Netanyahu's claims re Iran:  they literally only need to see him flash up "Iran Lied" and they think they know all they need to know.

Surely we have never seen a time of such wilful ignorance on the part of people who think they are smart.

Anyway, this article at The Atlantic fills in the details they are not interested in.  Update:  this Vox article is even better.


not trampis said...

come on Steve,
When have they ever zeroed on in on the detail?

They have a history of being willfully ignorant.

so has Trump that is what Netanyahu's 'presentation' was all about.
He obviously thinks Trump is not very bright

not trampis said...

I still remember the first time I cam across Kates at Catallaxy.
He linked an article that claimed Japan had umpteen fiscal stimuli during the 90s. I quickly showed that was a lie courtesy of a Adam Posen lecture when he was on the board of the BOE.

Kates naturally did not apologise for his misleading ( lying) article he simply said I should not be allowed to comment on his pieces at Catallaxy again.
It does show Kates has always been lazy and willfully ignorant.