Wednesday, July 11, 2018

That insect movie

A quick review of Ant-man and the Wasp:

*  Perhaps not quite as wittily enjoyable as the first Ant-man, but fun enough, and certainly amusingly inventive in its action use of varying sized cars, buildings and people.   I think it's likely to be one of the most appealing Marvel movies to the under 12 demographic.  

* Quite a funny cameo by Stan Lee.

* You might think it ridiculous that I say this, given the genre, but my fantasy physics toleration boundary was being pushed to its limits at quite a few points.   Even for Marvel, it seems particularly careless about providing  explanations of how some things happen (how the lab building has power no matter where it's enlarged, for example.)  But then again, some science-y explanations attempted in parts were very cringe worthy, especially the "healing quantum power" that features at the end in the post credit sequence that, nonetheless, achieves one of those satisfying tie ins with the greater Marvel universe storyline.

*  I do admire Disney/Marvel for making entertainment that is readily embraced by adults and children of all ages.   The ability of these films to appeal to the 9 year old, the cynical teenager, and the 50 something year old who never even cared for superheroes in their comic book incarnation, is quite the achievement.


Jason Soon said...

completely unrelated but thought you'd appreciate latest example of Tim Wilson gratuitously posing for something

Jason Soon said...

More Tim all the time

Steve said...

Yes, I saw the one about bowel cancer before, and was tempted to post it with the comment that I would prefer not think about your bowell, thanks all the same, Tim.

I think it obvious that with this relentless self promotion, he thinks of himself as Prime Minister material. I can only hope that the preening gets up his fellow MP's noses, though. Come to think of it, he reminds me a bit of Andrew Peacock: all surface and no depth - although Peacock presumably wasnt his own PR machine in quitr the way Tim is.