Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Another long term environmental issue

As if climate change isn't enough of a long term worry, Real Climate has a lengthy post explaining the rise of mercury in the environment, and how it is not really possible to clean it up in the same way, in theory, you can remove CO2 from the atmosphere.  Kinda depressing.


not trampis said...

If Mercury does that imagine what Jupiter would do!

John said...

Since emission filters on coal fired power plants were introduced environmental mercury levels have declined but the author is correct in asserting how dangerous this issue is. It isn't just mercury because we are pouring thousands of chemicals into the environment and like mercury these spread very quickly and may last for thousands of years. We are stuffing up the planet and that is not going to change. Coal fired power plants are the smoke stacks in the sky pointing to a much larger problem that cannot be addressed without a radical overall of our lifestyle and industry.