Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogging slowdown

It was a nice, basically lazy, long weekend in Brisbane. The family went to the Lifeline book sale. Doesn't Lifeline do this in any other capital city? It is huge, and I assume that Lifeline makes a lot of money out of it.

The record sales area there is a sight to behold, with lots and lots of vinyl LPs from my younger years to be found. My wife actually got some classical music LPs, which meant I spent some time turning them into CD's for the rest of the weekend. I got to hear most of Aida that way. It's mostly dull, I've decided.

The family also saw Prince Caspian yesterday. I will do a separate post about it sometime soon.

But generally this week, posting will be lighter than normal. I need money, as does the tax office, and as much as I enjoy posting intermittently all day, I really have to stop that habit.

(Of course, my invitation to mad benefactors is still open. I would mention you very favourably!)

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