Monday, June 16, 2008

Something to wonder about

Sewage disaster leaves over 700 gallons of human feces in Kingston woman’s home

I only post about this because of this part of the report:
"This was completely flooded with feces and water and pee, and of course I smelled it. When I came in and I called the city guys and it’s estimated at 786.24 gallons of human feces got backed up into my house," Riley says.
Well, just lucky it wasn't 786.45 gallons. (Why on earth is that figure so precise?)


Peter said...

Hi steve
While working as a plumber in parramatta a while ago i came across the same problem, a unit blocks sewer backed up into a ground floor unit from about six bathrooms above and i had to wade inside the unit with my gumboots on into the bathroom with a machine to clear the blockage
After years of working in the poo so to speak, that job is still a standout for the most repugnant smell i have experienced , further to that it's the only time i have finished a job and wanted to burn my clothes afterwards.
The poor tenant in the unit was at work and didn't know anything about it till she got home to two inches of crap throughout the whole place

Steve said...

Err, thanks Peter for sharing that..I think..:)

Actually, a blog specifically for great plumbing disasters could be pretty entertaining.

TimT said...

As Kenny memorably quipped in his film, 'I'd love to stay and talk. I really would. But the smell in here will outlast religion!'

I wrote a couple of plumbing poems a while back. Quite proud of the third one in that sequence, actually - it's the first (and, so far, only) successfull villanelle I've written. I'm not sure what it says about me, but I'm fond of making immaculately-crafted poems about the most disgusting of subjects.