Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An early Christmas present...

...at least for those of us who didn't vote for Abbott.

From the Financial Review:
The Abbott government’s extraordinary collapse in public support has been confirmed in the latest Newspoll, which puts Labor well ahead on a two-party basis and shows the Coalition has lost its carbon tax advantage.

The Newspoll, published in The Australian on Tuesday, finds the Coalition’s election-winning margin has been erased in just three months, with Labor now leading the two-party preferred vote with 52 per cent compared with the Abbott government’s 48 per cent.

The poll result confirms an Australian Financial Review/Nielsen poll, published two weeks ago, which was the first since the election to show that voters had dramatically shifted allegiance away from the Coalition, despite the party’s landslide win on September 7.

This translates into a 5.5 per cent swing against the government since the country voted, a shift strongly represented in the Financial Review’s Poll of Polls.
 Actually, I don't really think that it was "a landslide victory", but apart from that, a good report!


nottrampis said...

I wrote about the poll today.

It merely confirms the previous polls.

Pollsters now have the 2013 preferences.

This government has had the smallest honeymoon ever for reasons I have outlined

John said...

Their support will further fall because today they announced that instead of raising the pay of childcare workers that money will be redirected towards more training. Idiots, the problem is the low wages are preventing people wanting to perform that job in the first place.