Monday, May 05, 2014

Religion reconsidering that topic, continued

I've been doing posts about the religious reconsideration of homosexuality for a while now, and here's another report directly on the topic by Slate's William Saletan.   Slate also has up the story that (retired) bishop Gene Robinson is getting divorced from his gay partner.  (I half suspect that when there are some high profile, and bitterly contested, gay divorces, this will have an effect on the number of people taking it up - not that there are that many getting married anyway, I think.)

Someone at First Things blog seems to have an interest in the topic too, as they have a link up to a blog run by a couple of Christian women who are a some sort of relationship, describing themselves as:  "a celibate, LGBT couple with a queer calling."    Odd.


nottrampis said...


It is very easy.
In Christianity only married people can have sex and only males and females cam marry each other.

A celibate heterosexual or a celibate homosexual are committing no sin.

Steve said...

Homer, as much as you don't like it, I think it clear that there is major reconsideration under way within even quite traditional religions as to whether all homosexual acts are sinful, and therefore whether sexually active gay relationships can be given a status that renders then non sinful.

You're right, in the sense that this effort really pushes against the long tradition that the Church will not recognise non married straight relationships as being in accordance with God's wishes. (It seems it's harder to find ways around the Biblical prohibition on fornication than it is to find ways around the ones against "unnatural" acts.)

Saletan suggests that the position the churches may well end up with is that homosexual relationships can be given the status of marriage and relationships outside of marriage have the same "unapproved" status of straight de facto relationships.

I'm not sure about that for the Catholic Church, but it's pretty likely that it will likely end up that way for many Prostestant denominations, I think.

nottrampis said...


I am not talking about tradition but pure biblical teaching.
Fornication, adultery and homosexual ACTS are all condemned.
The only denominations that will accept homosexual unions are those who reject the bible just like Gene Robinson has. If so then they most certainly are not christian.