Friday, November 28, 2014

Let's be unpopular

At the risk of provoking a lynch mob that will burn down my house (which, incidentally, missed the worst of yesterday's intense hail and wind storm, thanks for asking), may I be possibly the first to say that I am finding the amount of media time devoted to Phillip Hughes's death via cricket accident is just a little bit over the top?
Obviously it's sad, and has drama, and was rare, and he apparently had a grand future ahead  of him, etc.  And of course, fame at a national sport means more public interest than, say, when a jockey dies from a horse fall, as seems to have been happening a lot lately.
Despite acknowledging all of that, I still think it's been a bit OTT, the coverage and reaction.
There, it's said.    The 2.5 other people in the nation who share this view now know they are not alone.


Not Trampis said...

Firstly Cricket is a national game and racing isn't a sport, Secondly what occurred was very very rare whereas jockeys dying in racing is not.

This hit the national concious.

John said...

The media hype on this is way over the top. We too much pay too much attention to too many sportspeople. They throw, hit, can catch balls well; hardly the pinnacle of human endeavour.

Dave C said...

Make that 3.5