Friday, December 19, 2014

Bolt and IPA connection missed

Well, it seems I am not reading the media closely enough, otherwise I would have given this evidence that, verily, the ABC (Australian/Bolt/Catallaxy) is a closely intertwined (some might say "incestuous") collective a run earlier in the year.

Turns out that Andrew Bolt's son James works for the IPA as Communications Co-ordinator.  

And didn't the Bolt family get upset with the Saturday Paper revealing this, even though James himself, looking rather like a Bolt, is on the IPA website.  As Ackland writes in that diary, there is a remarkable degree of hypocrisy in the Bolt family about public discussion of offspring.   What exactly did Mrs Bolt think the readers of the Saturday Paper were going to do with this somewhat amusing discovery that the Institute most rabidly arguing for legislative changes to an Act because of its use against Andrew Bolt had a Bolt offspring on staff, trying to make sure that its communications on the topic were effective?   Well, I assume that's part of a Communications Co-ordinator's job.

Of course, Labor and common soft left jobs like ABC journalism are chock full of professionally incestuous relationships.   It's just that you don't often hear of such an example where the family involvement in the line being run by the organisation is so direct.

And they didn't get it changed anyway.  How sad...

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Dave C said...

I reckon Sharri Markson needs to do an in-depth report on this, maybe infiltrate the Saturday Paper office disguised as David Marr and show us what an incisive journalist she really is.

Or she could just infiltrate the Bolt Report and show us what an unincisive sycophant she really is.