Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hobbit off

Even though I have no interest whatsoever in the Hobbit movies, I see that quite a few reviewers really seem to be glad to see the back of the whole, drawn out, Peter Jackson obsession with Tolkien.

I got to that position ahead of them: after about 60 minutes into the first Rings movie.

In other "I am not alone about movie trends" news - I see Tim Burton says the Marvel superhero formula is getting boring.  True, even if I found Guardians of the Galaxy pretty good.  (But being an outright comedy meant it was not part of the formula - and the characters were not superheros, either.)


Not Trampis said...

Prefer the books to the LOTR moves but I think the Hobbits movies are far superior to the bok which I always found boring.

TimT said...

'Getting' boring?

Steve said...

Yes, I was being generous, Tim.

I was personally got bored with them long ago, but I have never been a big superhero fan.

Steve said...

By the way, Tim, where is the 8,000 word epic poem to commemorate my 8,000th post??

Not Trampis said...


you are obviously in league with the Necromancer!