Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Not quite understanding

This new Abbott attempt to get money out of universal medicine (to put it into a medical research piggy bank that is going to cure cancer or Alzheimer's , or something) has confused me.

I don't suppose the doctors' wives were ever going to vote for him, but they'll actually  be manning the polling booths next time.

And as someone said at The Guardian, where the report is already up to 575 angry comments:
Abbott has dropped the co-payment from $7 to $5, with pensioners, children under 16yrs, veterans, people in nursing homes and concession card holders being excluded from this payment.
So how exactly does he figure that it will still reap up to 3.2b in revenue and can still start up a medical reasearch fund ?? He must of got Hockey to do the figures.
At the end of the day it is still an attack on medicare, no matter how he dresses it up.
Worst government ever
I gotta say, I also don't understand the basics of how it's supposed to work, and a lot of comments at the Guardian indicate the same.

I can't see the policy winning hearts and minds.  But the prospects of GP's getting paid less gets Adam Creighton excited:

Nothing wrong with him that a fat injection couldn't improve.*

* insult designed for readers who have read a nearby post


Dave C said...

Creighton is actually Sharri Markson in drag.

There is no other way he could be so lightweight.

If Abbot came out tomorrow with an edict that required all people named Creighton to take a 50% pay cut he would be forelock tugging and knob polishing like crazy.

Not Trampis said...

Creighton doesn't seem to understand what the government is doing. They are forcing doctors to charge patients.
The doctors will not be out of pocket , patients will.

this is by regulation. what happens if the Senate rejects the legisaltion