Friday, December 12, 2014

Oooh...does the IPA favour an inheritance tax now?

Fortune favours babes of boomers, and it all comes tax-free | The Australian

Adam Creighton comes out and argues that a modest sized inheritance tax would be a good idea. (But only if income taxes are lowered too, it seems.)

I had been wondering about this, as I think I saw Catallaxy a while ago run a bit by McCloskey in which she supported inheritance taxes too.  (It seems, now that I Google it, that she has supported them for some time.)

Given their general allergy to taxes in all forms, I am surprised to see IPA aligned economist types  tentatively suggesting a new one.

Next thing you know they'll be promoting a straight forward carbon tax as a sensible thing.


Update:   I see that the IPA's Novak is still against them.    Should I be congratulating Creighton for a having a view that isn't IPA endorsed?


Not Trampis said...

An inheritance is an eminently sensible idea if only because people it is far better to have wealth with people who made made it.

Steve said...

Are you into the brandy egg nog already, Homer? :) You might try retyping that in a way I can understand...

Not Trampis said...

It is far better for society to have people with wealth that have made it not inherited it

Anonymous said...

Adam Creighton is not associated with the IPA - he was previously employed by the CIS and before that was a Liberal staffer.

Steve said...

I did say "aligned with" not "associated with". Surely it's hard to deny that for about 95% of the time he runs IPA lines - that its spending that's the problem more so than revenue; Australia is really a big taxing government; etc. He may not be in the IPA, but he's certainly one of the closest friends its ever had in Australian media.