Saturday, January 31, 2015

An observation

One of the funniest things to read on an election night when Labor is doing well (as it is in Queensland tonight where, in what is surely the most extraordinary reversal of fortune in Australian electoral history, it looks to have a chance of forming government after being in Opposition with a number of MPs you could count on two hands) is the Catallaxy blog.  Especially when that bunch of climate change denying numbskulls - it's a prerequisite to be part of the club there - start saying the only explanation is that Australians are too dumb. 

Update:   While he's not the only economist who seems to have too much faith in election betting markets (Kouk loves quoting them all the time too,) Sinclair Davidson's dedication to them should surely be tested after this election.  

Also - I see that Adam Creighton had a tweet last night claiming its all due to the electorate's economic illiteracy.  This from a man whose ideologically anti-Keynesian pals in the US have been predicting runaway inflation as the big worry for the last 6 years.  And, of course, his pals here include a certain blog master who warned about stagflation in Australia 3 years ago.  

Creighton's latest persistent line is that the drop in the Australian dollar is not really a good thing - I suspect because it makes his internet overseas purchases more expensive, which trumps its obvious benefits to just about anything being exported from here, as well as the tourism industry.

Update 2:   The election result seems to confirm that the Newman campaign to drum up support for asset sales by calling them 99 year leases was too slick by half.   The campaign was so obviously advertising agency manipulation to get the result Newman wanted, it backfired.  Mark this one as a Crosby Textor fail.   Couldn't happen to a better jerk, as Mark Textor clearly is

Update 3:  Good Lord.  Judith Sloan has a post about the apparently leaked replacement policy to Abbott's to-be-abandoned-tomorrow parental leave plan with which I agree.   The thing is, though, people like me always said Abbott was a policy flim flam man and a mere opportunistic flake.  That's how he got the leadership, for God's sake; but because the ideologically driven to not believe science  were so excited that he was their man for carbon tax removal, they weren't worried about him then.


1735099 said...

It has been a great source of entertainment. It's all there - denial, tantrums and abuse of the democratic principle in general, and Queenslanders in particular. How sweet it is.

hammy said...

It's very entertaining though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It's funny

So three guys on a disability pension Homer Paxton, Kero and steve are happy the libs lost.

John said...

Obviously circa 50% of the Qld public are happy the libs lost so what is your point Anon?

Not Trampis said...

Hey I am not.
I thought they should get back after one term but minus a silly leader.

I will be saying so on Monday!

I am not on any sort of pension thank you very much.

Anonymous said...


Out of the three, you're the one who should be on disability, you retard.

Not Trampis said...

so says the man who doesn't understand what the word predecessor means even after he posts the dictionary meaning!